Ready to play on the #1DayMore4Volleyball?

The 29th of February 2020 is the #1DayMore4Volleyball. Doesn't matter if you're playing indoor, outdoor, on the sand or on the snow: call some friends and register your game! On the 29th of February, take some photos or videos of your game and send it back to us: you'll have the chance to win some incredible prizes!

Be part of the

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Awarding Categories

Most participants
Prize: 20 Mikasa balls

Mass participation events are positive, friendly and inspire participants to show their creative side. The best thing is that literally anyone can take part!

The winner of this award is the group with the most people participating.

The award for this category is 20 Mikasa balls.

Most creative
Prize: 2 shirts, 2 balls, 2 tickets to the CEV Champions League Super Finals

With this category, we want participants to use their imagination to come up with the most creative way of playing Volleyball they can imagine.

The award for this category is 2 shirts, 2 balls, and two tickets to the Champions League Super Finals in Berlin.

Best school’s initiative
Prize: 10 Mikasa balls and 30 shirts

We want to inspire children and students to participate in this event as well. This award will go to the school organization that comes up with an event that best inspires students to get engaged and active with volleyball.

The award for this category is 10 Mikasa balls and 30 shirts

Longest point
Prize: 5 Mikasa balls and 10 shirts

Show us your Volleyball skills and see how long you can keep the ball in the air!

The award for this category is 5 Mikasa balls and 10 shirts.

Social Media special award - Best event photo
Prize: 2 tickets for the CEV Champions League Super Finals or CEV Continental Cup

We encourage everyone to post their best photos from their event using #1DayMore4Volleyball. The CEV official photographers will select the top photo from those that used the hashtag.

The prize for this category is 2 tickets to the Berlin Super Finals or CEV Continental Cup.


Don’t forget to upload your photos
and videos to win one of the prizes!



Show off your Volley Skills
Prizes for the best!

CEV Official Branding

Want to make your event even more official? Take a look at our Branding guidelines and resources!

Vertical and Horizontal flags

1. Vertical Flags - Ratio 3:1
2. Vertical Flags - Ratio 3:2
3. Vertical Flags - Ratio 2:3
4. Feather Flags - Ratio 2:3

Example (Ratio 3:2): 3m x 2m - 1.5m x 1m

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